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“Making a POSITIVE difference in a negative world, through the Arts.” ™

About Positive Performing Arts Association teaching arts and life skills to at risk youth

POSITIVE PERFORMING ARTS ASSOCIATION® is a 501-C 3 Public Charitable Organization; all donations are tax deductible.

Positive Performing Arts Association’s mission is to make a positive difference in a negative world, through the Arts…locally and globally.

Globally, PPAA strives to unite Artists worldwide in becoming positive influences on our youth and culture.

PPAA reaches out to Instructors, performing arts schools, and performing artists, of all varieties, providing resources and opportunities for them to teach life skills, along with the Arts, to financially challenged and at-risk youth and young adults. We partner with them, once they join P.P.A.A. by agreeing to our Code of Ethics and pledge, in which they agree to use their artistic talents in a socially positive and responsible way, and assist them in becoming positive influences on our youth and young adults around the world. 

Our Partner Schools, Studios, and Instructors can utilize our nonprofit status to procure business donations which will be used to scholarship financially challenged students into their programs. 


We also reach out to mainstream entertainment industry artists that are so influential in the culture of young people around the world and help change the culture of our youth, and young adults, one artist at a time.

Locally, PPAA utilizes the discipline and passion of the performing arts to motivate at-risk youth and young adults to make positive changes in their lives. 

We combine the teaching of the Arts with other programs designed to keep them on track, or to get them back on the right track.

Besides professional Arts education in dance, drama, and other art forms, we offer mentoring programs, drug awareness education, life skills education, and partner with other programs all designed to assist our students in reaching their full potential.

As our students progress in our program, the older students will become leaders and mentors, upon qualification, to the younger students. We believe this cycle of student/leader/mentor will groom our students into the future leaders of our nation and the world.

We strive to bring balance into the lives of the youth and young adults in our program…physically, mentally, and spiritually, all of which the performing arts encompass.

This program has reached hundreds of youth and young adults. There are numerous testimonies of many lives that have been changed in our program…young people coming out of gangs, depression, drug abuse, etc. Several say the discipline and confidence they’ve developed while in our program helped them attain their professional goals. In fact, our students have gone on to become nurses, teachers, pastors, professional dancers, social workers, even a commercial pilot, and many other professions.

Positive Performing Arts Association was formed after the founders, Kevin and Natasha Firth, saw many youth “falling through the cracks”. While churches were overseeing the spiritual development of youth and young adults, there were physical and mental problems and issues that were not being addressed such as, homelessness, drug addiction, incarceration, poverty, depression, delinquency, bad home environments, etc. These young adults need practical help with these issues… not sermons alone.

 These problems face youth and young adults of all races, religions, genders, nationalities, and backgrounds. These are the young people we strive to help.


JOIN us today as a Donor or by signing up as a professional performance artist, studio, or school. Help us change the lives of our youth and young adults one artist at a time. THANK YOU!



Kevin and Natasha Firth are the Founders of Positive Performing Arts Association



President, Natasha King Firth, and her husband, Kevin Firth, Chairman and CEO, have been involved in youth and young adult outreach for over 20 years. As former members of a Mega Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma for over 27 years, they have been active in youth outreach since 1997.

Natasha and Kevin are the Founders of Natasha’s House of Hip Hop and “Chosen Urban Dance Crew”, dance and drama programs that have been reaching out to “at risk” youth and young adults for over 15 years. 

The dance program started at the Tulsa Dream Center in 2002, but over the years has grown it’s outreach and influence throughout the city and region to include: public schools in Tulsa, Union, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Owasso; Tulsa area Job Corps; Light House Charter School; KIPP Charter School; Victory Christian School; New Hope; Parkside Psychiatric Hospital; Muskogee Teen Center; Oklahoma City Thunder performances; American Veteran’s program performances; Victory Christian Center; Victory Christian Center’s Word Explosion performances; and many other churches and outreach venues all over the state of Oklahoma and other states.  

Natasha majored in Social Work at Northeastern State University from 1985 to 1988 and minored in dance. Natasha completed her social work practicum at the Oklahoma Production Center, a facility for the mentally and physically disabled and handicapped, in 1988.

Natasha won the Miss Black Muskogee pageant and competed in the Miss Black Oklahoma Pageant in 1988.

Natasha is currently a master dance instructor for Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa Oklahoma and the Harwelden Institute, where she teaches dance to youth in public schools all over the Tulsa Metro area.

Kevin, a former collegiate basketball player, has volunteered as a youth basketball coach for many years. He started a program called “Hoops, Hope, and Honor”, which he ran from 2000-2005, at the Tulsa Dream Center (46th St. N. and Martin Luther King St.), which combined basketball with life skills education for “at-risk” teens and young adults ages 14-24.

Kevin Firth has been a licensed insurance agent and agency owner for 26 years. He is also a licensed Private Investigator certified by the Council on Law Enforcement Education Training for the State of Oklahoma.

Kevin and Natasha have been married for 29 years. They have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren.

PPAA Sponsored Programs

Natasha's House of Hip Hop, Chosen Urban Dance Crew, and Positive Performing Arts Association

PPAA was initially created as a 501c3 Public Charitable Organization in order to fund scholarships for financially challenged youth and young adults for programs like our own "Natasha's House of Hip Hop" and "Chosen Urban Dance Crew."

Our vision has expanded globally to assist performing arts schools, studios, Instructors, and performing artists, who partner with us, with the tools to become positive influences to youth and young adults around the world.