Positive Performing Arts Association

presents Natasha's House of Hip Hop

performing to Gabriel Firth's (son of Kevin and Natasha), AKA "MR."-Music and Rhyme", powerful remix of Sarah Brightman's "Deliver Me".

Performed at the NBA's OKC Thunder Blue game.

Choreographed by Natasha Firth.


Positive Performing Arts Association's

Chosen Urban Dance Crew

Performing to "Tron Legacy-End Titles"

by Daft Punk.

Choreographed by Natasha Firth.

"God Moves" Documentary

   "God Moves" is a documentary about Natasha's House of Hip Hop, our beginning vision to "Make a positive difference in a negative world through the Arts". It was created by Deana Spyers and Nominated for Best Documentary in the, 2009, 168 Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA.  The words and lyrics to the song "Rise Up", music video at the end, were written by Gabriel Firth, aka, "MR."-Music and Rhyme". The opening music, "Activate",  was also written by Gabriel Firth, aka, "MR."-Music and Rhyme".