Help us help our youth by becoming a donor! 

Your donation will go toward scholarships for children, whose financially struggling families don't have the ability to pay, in Positive Performing Arts Association's programs or our Partner Schools, Studios, or Instructor's programs. 


PPAA utilizes the discipline and passion of the performing arts to motivate at-risk youth and young adults to make positive changes in their lives. 

We combine the teaching of the Arts with life skills education and programs designed to keep them on track, or to get them back on the right track.

Besides professional Arts education in dance, drama, and other art forms, we offer mentoring programs, drug awareness education, life skills education, and partner with other programs all designed to assist our students in reaching their full potential.

As our students progress in our program, the older students will become leaders and mentors, upon qualification, to the younger students. We believe this cycle of student/leader/mentor will groom our students into the future leaders of our nation and the world.

We strive to bring balance into the lives of the youth and young adults in our program…physically, mentally, and spiritually, all of which the performing arts encompass.

With the lack of funding and willingness of our local and federal governments to provide resources for programs that can make a difference in the lives of kids, it becomes ever so important for individuals and businesses to step up to the plate and help fund programs that are making differences in the lives of our youth and young adults.


Remember, we are a 501 (C) (3) Public Charitable Organization, your gift is tax deductible.




Become a Partner School, Studio, or Instructor by first accepting our Code of Ethics and Agreement at our store and pay your annual P.P.A.A. Partner Fee.    

(You can view our P.P.A.A. Partner Code of Ethics and Agreements (pdf) in the  List of Partner Schools, Artists, and Donors section of this website.)

Become a P.P.A.A. Artist Supporter by just agreeing to our Artist Pledge and making a donation of any amount.

(You can view the P.P.A.A. Artist Pledge (pdf) on the List of Schools, Artists, and Donors Section of this website.)

Our goal is to ensure that all of our Partner Instructors, Studios, Schools, and our Performing Artist Supporters are on board with our philosophy and goals in becoming a POSITIVE influence in the lives of the youth and young adults that they teach or reach. As a Partner School, Studio, or Instructor you will receive: 

  • Fundraising Partnership Opportunity:

We know your hearts! Most of you would let all children come to your classes for free if you could. The problem is...this is your business, and you can not stay in business long if you are not being paid.Therefore, most of the youth that you teach come from families that can pay. The lower income children often get left out. Yet, these are the youth that need positive arts programs the most.We have the perfect solution! Utilize the non-profit status and influence of Positive Performing Arts Association by going to your local and regional businesses and talk to them about donating to Positive Performing Arts Association to provide scholarships in your program to financially challenged youth.80% of the donation goes to your program for low income youth scholarships and 20% to further the vision of Positive Performing Arts Association. The business gets a tax-deduction while helping a worthy cause.It's a win-win for everyone!

  • Our teaching materials that you can implement in your organization immediately.
  • Our partner schools, studios, or instructors, will be allowed to utilize our Positive Performing Arts Association Logo in their marketing materials. 
  • Listing of your school, studio, or as an Instructor on our website as a PPAA Partner along with your contact information. 
  • These are great promotional tools for our partners! (Partners must accept and adhere to our Code of Ethics and Agreement and stay current on their PPAA Partner fees.)


  • Fundraising Partnership Opportunity 
  • Teaching material
  • Allowed to utilize PPAA logo in marketing materials (annually)
  • Listed on our website along with contact information (annually)

(Contingent on Partners accepting and adhering to PPAA's CODE of  ETHICS and AGREEMENT and current on their PPAA Partner fees.)


  • Accept the P.P.A.A. Artist Pledge and donate any amount, annually. Your name and city will be listed on our website.
  • For donations over $125 we will list your name, picture, profile, and contact information, if you want, on our website.

(Contingent on Artist Supporters accepting the P.P.A.A. Artist Pledge.) 

Become A Partner School or Artist Supporter Now

PPAA Individual and Business DONOR LEVELS



We appreciate all donations of any amount.


  • PPAA Builder                $1+
  • PPAA Brass                   $250+
  • PPAA Bronze                $500+
  • PPAA Silver                   $1,000+
  • PPAA Gold                    $5,000+
  • PPAA Platinum             $10,000 +
  • PPAA Board Sponsor   $25,000+

Individual DONORS at the BRASS, BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, and BOARD SPONSOR levels will be listed on our website with their approval.

All Donors beginning at the Bronze level can expect to receive gifts such as tickets to upcoming events, P.P.A.A. branded items and clothing, etc, at our discretion.

BUSINESS DONORS beginning at the BRONZE BUSINESS DONOR LEVEL will have a brief description of their business and contact information listed on our website. They can also incorporate our LOGO in their marketing materials stating they are a supporter of Positive Performing Arts Association.

BUSINESS DONORS at the PLATINUM and BOARD SPONSOR levels will receive their own Sponsor Page on our website, where they will be able to advertise their business in detail with their LOGO. 

They will also be listed on our fliers, brochures, event programs, and playbills.

BUSINESS and Individual Donors at the BOARD SPONSOR level will also get a seat on our ADVISORY BOARD.